Black History Festival

Connecting people the African way for the African Market

The Black History Festival is a vibrant celebration that serves as a powerful platform for connecting people in the African way, specifically tailored for the African market. Through a dynamic blend of traditional and contemporary elements, the festival creates a unique space for cultural exchange, fostering connections among people who share a common interest in celebrating African heritage. The festival showcases a myriad of artistic expressions, including music, dance, visual arts, and literature, creating an immersive experience that resonates with the diverse and dynamic nature of African cultures.

Beyond the festivities, the Black History Festival also incorporates educational components, offering workshops, lectures, and discussions that delve into the historical significance of African contributions to the global community. This emphasis on education fosters a deeper understanding of African history and heritage, promoting unity and appreciation among participants.

In essence, the Black History Festival stands as a beacon of connection, celebrating the spirit of togetherness and shared identity in the African way. By bringing people together through cultural celebration, economic exchange, and educational engagement, the festival creates lasting connections that contribute to a more unified and empowered African community.


Dear Global Africans and Friends of Africa,

We express our heartfelt gratitude for your unwavering support and significant contributions to the success of the Black History Festivals from 2022 to the present. Your dedication to showcasing the rich history of people of African descent globally has been pivotal to our achievements.

As we gear up for the upcoming Black History Festival scheduled from February 22nd to 24th, 2024, in Columbus, Ohio (Ohio State University and the Airport Columbus Marriot Hotel), we are excited to collaborate with key partners such as the Permanent Representative of the AU to the USA, H.E. Hilda Suka Mafudze, the Director-General of the Organization of Caribbean States, H.E. Dr. Jules Didacus, Mayor of the City of Columbus, Ohio, Hon. Andrew James Ginther, the One Voice Consortium, and the Center of African Studies of Ohio State University.

We are thrilled to announce that the 2024 Festival welcomes people of African Descent from all six regions of Africa, with active participation from the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States (OESC) and cities in the United States of America. Our focus remains on cultivating avenues for cultural, trade, scientific, educational, and skills exchange between Africa, the USA, and OECS members.

Your ongoing support is crucial to the success of this celebration and the realization of our shared goals. We eagerly anticipate the participation of government officials, business leaders, industry captains, civic society leaders, traditional rulers, and community leaders in making the 2024 Black History Festival a remarkable milestone in our continued journey

You are all cordially invited to the 2024 Edition of the Black History Festival in Columbus, Ohio.

Stephen Selasie Asuo                                                                                        Founder & Executive Coordinator                                                                        Black History Festivals

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Black History Festival 2024

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