The Black History Makers Awards

Where Is It?


When It’s Start?


For generations, Africa’s portrayal on the world stage has often been one of a continent steeped in darkness and backwardness, overshadowed by stories that failed to inspire or capture the attention of global media. When Africa did find itself in the spotlight, it was often framed as a victim, still haunted by the legacies of the slave trade and colonialism.

This narrative has had a profound impact on the image of the Black Race and, by extension, on Global Africa and the African Diaspora. However, the reality today is a stark departure from this outdated perspective. It’s a reality characterized by a resurgent Africa and a flourishing Black Renaissance.

From the reconstruction efforts in Liberia to the remarkable progress in Rwanda, the thriving democracy in Ghana, the influential role of African Americans in politics, sports, and industry in the USA, the recognition of Caribbean States as the sixth region of Africa, and the global dominance of Afrobeat music, the new and true story of the continent and its diaspora is one of “Africa Rising and Black Renaissance.” It’s a story that encompasses countless unsung heroes, visionaries, leaders, and cultural icons across communities, nations, the African region, and the global African diaspora, especially in the Americas and the Caribbean.

The inception of the Black History Makers Awards was rooted in this understanding, emerging as an integral part of the monumental Black History Festival—an annual endeavor that celebrates excellence across various sectors in Africa and Global Africa. The awards have a profound mission: to recognize exceptional Black Excellence spanning the African continent, the African-American community, the Caribbean community, and individuals of African descent within the broader global diaspora.

The Black History Makers Awards cast a radiant spotlight on these distinguished individuals—both those well-known and those whose remarkable contributions have yet to receive the acclaim they deserve. These honorees include innovators, scholars, cultural icons, scientists, entrepreneurs, and more. Their extraordinary work has the potential to inspire the next generation of Africans to dream, strive, and accomplish while reshaping the African narrative in a positive and affirming light.

The categories of the BHM Awards encompass a diverse range of fields, reflecting the multifaceted excellence within the Black community:

  • Technology and Innovation
  • History, Arts, and Culture
  • Human Rights & Political Leadership
  • Entrepreneurship and Business
  • Sports and Entertainment

Each year, 8 Star Prize Winners emerge—four from the Americas and four from Africa—as the most distinguished honorees of that year. In the 2023 Edition, these coveted titles were bestowed upon the survivors of the Black Wall Street – Tulsa Massacre and the President of Ghana, marking their exceptional contributions and accomplishments.

The Black History Makers Awards stand as a testament to the enduring spirit of excellence within the Black community, shining a light on those who are making history and paving the way for a brighter future